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  Paul Morris Griffith has been obsessed by Kabuki from an early age, ever since his father showed him a few 19th century woodblock prints of theatrical subjects that were in his collection. At age seven he travelled with his parents to a theater in Tokyo where he saw, "Kagami Jishi", the perfect introduction for any young child. At age 13 he returned and saw, "Sumidagawa", danced by Nakamura Utaemon, and he was so impressed that be felt he had to take a more serious interest.
  He graduated from Manchester University in England before coming to Japan as a Monbusho foreign student in 1981, at which time he took the opportunity to see much more of this unique theatrical form. After that, he began a doctoral degree at St. Antony's College, Oxford University, where his field of research was Edo Period Art History. He worked at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for one year on their large collection of 19th century Kabuki actor prints before joining Saitama University in 1991. He also works as a translator for the NHK television programme, "Nihon no Dento Geino". However, perhaps his greatest passion is his work for the Asahi Kaisetsu Company as an English-language earphone guide translator. Based at both the Kabuki -za and the National Theatre, this company provides earphone translations of, and commentaries about the plays every month, and Paul has been working regularly for this company since 1985.


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Artist-Utagawa Kunimasa. Ichikawa DanjuroVI.